who we are

Who we are

Leaded every day by the passion for technology

BindingFuture was born in 2019 from the passion of a group of professionals, who have been working in IT area for yers, and from the foresight of the sharehoders from HiFuture, an engineering company specialized in embedded solutions.

With the acquisition of HiFuture by Teoresi S.p.A. in 2023, BindingFuture get a new guide to continue its growth even with a look beyond national borders.

The cooperation with the parent company broadens the offer, with global solutions requiring diversified skills, from product engineering to the creation of the UI interface.

BindingFuture specializes in the creation of customized software and IT consultancy, with over ten years of experience in web, desktop and mobile development, providing customized solutions tailored to customer needs.

We act as Partners of SMEs and large companies, who choose to invest in on-premise/on-cloud digital technologies, proposing the most suitable and sustainable innovative technological solutions, focusing on efficiency and performances.


Binding is an IT term which identifies the connection between two elements. BindingFuture symbolizes the union between present and future, the connection allowing to achieve the ambitious target of evolution in a more advanced world.

Our mission is to build long-lasting relationships with our customers and provide them with innovative servicese that simplify their work and bring profit by overcoming any expectation.

The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.